Smart Parking Management for Cities

Parking in Cities

The population of cities and the number of vehicles in traffic are increasing rapidly. Parking spaces in cities are far from meeting the needs. Therefore, it has become a necessity to use the existing capacity more efficiently as well as to increase the capacity.

Drivers' search for parking space creates

Traffic jam

Waste of time

Fuel comsumption

Air pollution

ParkSmart is an IT solution that enables cities to use parkings efficiently.

ParkSmart for Smart Cities

With ParkSmart, drivers can determine suitable parking spaces for their vehicles and even make reservations before they set off. Thus, it goes directly to the parking lot and does not create additional traffic congestion. In this way, while the whole city saves time and fuel, air pollution is also reduced. In addition to financial gain, ParkSmart makes a positive contribution to the satisfaction of the citizens with the relief to be experienced in traffic.