Parking Managers


You can monitor the occupancy status of defined areas in the parking lot in real time.

Company Info

You can update your company information.

User Roles

You can manage system user accounts. You can add users in three different roles:

System Administrator: All privileges / Officer: Parking based authorization / Analyst: Just tracking data

Parkings List

You can view all the car parks you operate as a list.

Parkings Map

You can view all the parkings you operate on the map.

Parking Info

You can update parking information.

Name / Address / Website / Can LPG vehicles enter? / Is there car wash? / Is there electric charge? / Is there toilet? / Payment type

Working Hours

You can define working hours. You can also define non-routine days. For example, days when it is closed for the renovation of the parking lot, the ceremony, etc.

Parking Sections

You can define the barrier-controlled sections of the car park (ticketed/subscribed). You can open or close the sections you want for online reservation.


You can define parking fee tariffs.

Vehicle Data

You can view all vehicle entry/exit data within the date range you specify, and export them in Excel format.


You can view the following graphics on the basis of parking lot (ticketed/subscribed) and day, week or month within the date range you specify: Number of vehicles entering/exiting - Income - Occupancy rate - Average parking time

Message Center

You can send notifications to different mobile user groups: To all mobile users - Users who have favorited a car park - Users who have made an online reservation for a parking lot

First in the world!

Re-use Empty Subscriber Places

When your subscribers are not using, open their places to short-term parking service. Use your capacity more efficiently and increase your income.